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The Mouth Mouse is formed from two distinct components: (i) a control module and (ii) a custom fit dental guard with fixation tabs. The control module snaps into the dental guard and is securely suspended in the palatal space between the upper teeth.

Control Module

The defining feature of the control module is the crab pad, named as such because it resembles a crab. The crab-pad provides the user orienting features that allow them to quickly adapt their tongue movements to the mouse directional and button controls. Cursor movement is directed by sliding the tongue along a directional control ring, and mouse clicks are initiated by lightly depressing right and left buttons with the tip of the tongue.

Dental Guard

Dental Impression
Dental Stone with Fixation Preform 
Dental Guard with Control Module Fixation Tabs

A dental stone is formed from an impression of the upper teeth. The palatal space is filled with dental putty and a triangular preform is pressed into the putty securing it in place. The preform is used to precisely position the location of 3 fixation tabs when the guard is formed. The control module snaps into the fixation tabs.

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